The Department of Science and Research has had a history of about 20 years. It was founded by Karel Balcar, Assoc. Prof., later followed by Karel Hnilica, Assoc. Prof. Both are reknown Czech psychologists and psychotherapists. Karel Hnilica was on the founding persons of the internal grant support and set the original rules. The present head of the department is Hana Georgi, Ph.D.

The team members have joined in and realized several research studies, also with an assistance from other colleagues and students.

Main areas of interest of our team members

  • stress and coping with stress

  • emotions and their regulation

  • creativity and emotional creativity

  • cognitive deficits and and emotional changes in older persons

  • effectiveness of psychotherapy

  • ageing and superageing



PsychologyToday has published an interview of Jamie Aten, Ph.D., a founder and executive director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, with our colleague Radek Trnka, Ph.D. on resilience and covid-19 epidemic