Admission & Fees

Undergraduate course in Psychology - support for Ukrainian students

PVSPS will admit two Ukrainian refugees, who have resettled in the Czech Republic as a result of the current Russian military aggression, tuition-free for the first academic year 2022/2023 as students of the Bachelor's degree programme Psychology.

These two slots will be filled by the candidates who are most successful in the admission procedure (entry exams), which will be conducted in English. The prerequisite for admission to the programme is the completion of secondary education (Independent Government Tests) and at least passive knowledge of the Czech language at a level that will enable the student to study psychology in the Czech language from October 2022. The graduation is evidenced by a Certificate of Secondary Education verified with an apostille through the Information and Image Center (ENIC Ukraine) under the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science (to be submitted before June 30, 2023), or, provisionally, a sworn statement. 

The closing date is April 30, 2022. The Application Form needs to be filled in and lodged with the Admissions Office by email [javascript protected email] together with:

  • Certificate of Secondary Education or Sworn statement on completion of secondary education
  • Structured CV with a motivational part regarding the study of psychology
  • Reading list (psychology related)

The entry exams will take place from June 6 to June 8, 2022.

The entry exam will consist of a written and an oral part. The written part will test knowledge of basic psychology and logical reasoning. The oral part will consist of a motivational interview on the basis of the CV and the reading list.

For the oral part of the exam, please bring:

  • A Certificate of Secondary Education or a sworn statement of having successfully passed the final exams
  • A list of the relevant literature you have read

Bachelor's degree - full-time (3 years)

The aim of the Psychology study programme at PVŠPS is:

  • To educate students so that after completing the Bachelor's degree programme they can continue their studies in the follow-up Master's degree course in psychology or in related fields
  • To educate students so that they can further specialise in preparation for other helping professions after completing the bachelor's degree programme.
  • To educate students so that they will acquire those skills that they could practice under the professional guidance of a fully educated psychologist.

Graduate Placement:

  • If students do not wish to pursue a graduate program, they may work in those areas where they will be employed as helping professionals with a bachelor's degree in psychology.
  • If they complete the psychotherapeutic training consisting of prescribed theory, self-experience and skills acquisition, supervision and practice, they may work as co-therapists,
  • and as workers in teams under the supervision of a psychologist or a worker in the helping profession with a full university degree.

Experiential learning and personal growth

A specific feature of our BA Psychology programme is 240 hours of meeting time in the Self-Experience and Personal Growth course. Classes are taught in blocks, three times during each academic year, mostly through field trips outside of Prague.

The general aim of the course is to increase students' personal competencies for working with human communities, groups and individuals. These include, in particular, the ability to reflect on one's own experiences and actions, sensitivity to self and others, respect for others and their differences, and the ability to resolve conflicts. In the course of our teaching, we want to return to the European tradition of soul care in its modern form and execution. We include in soul care those areas of human life that are not burdened by mental disorders and belong to everyday life. We find it most appropriate and practical for teaching to deal with the fundamental areas of life in which people move on a daily basis, to re-understand them substantially and to broaden their understanding through community and group work. These areas include, for example, care for the community, care for relationships, care for physicality, and others.

We consider the foundation of education to be a community in which immediate authentic, personal and free relationships, perspectives, attitudes and opinions are cultivated. Life of the community consists of traditional community and group work, interactive learning, field trips, seminars and self-directed workgroups. Lecturers and students form a living community in which the programme not only takes place but above all is co-created. It is therefore always unique, unrepeatable, albeit in the spirit of the above.


Information for foreign students

The PVŠPS offers study also for foreign students, in English and Czech language. Our College is a private Higher Education Institution so the foreign students have to pay a fee, like the Czech students do. 

 If you want to study in English language and you are already studying at a university or College in Europe you can use the Erasmus+ programme. The list of our partner universities is here. You can also ask directly at your university about Erasmus+ programme. More informations about our Erasmus+ programme are here.

If you don’t want to or you can’t use the Erasmus+ programme, you can apply for the same Courses as the Erasmus students have. This programme contains 9 Subjects and takes 5 months (February - June, only). The fee for this Programme is 1000 EUR.

If you are interested in a Bachelor/Master degree in Social work or Psychology, you can study only in Czech language.

Applicants for bachelors studies are required to have completed their secondary education (with leaving examination) and they must take an entrance examination.

Entrance examination consists of:

  1. Written tests (general study abilities, bases of social sciences, personality questionnaire),
  2. Oral interview (orientation in relevant literature, solving model social situation, motivation),
  3. Aptitude test (interview focused on applicant's personality and motivation).

Applicants for masters studies are required to have completed their bachelors study in social work or related branch and they must take an entrance examination.

Entrance examination consists of:

  1. Oral interview (quality and relevance of bachelors theses, experience from practice, orientation in relevant literature, motivation),
  2. Aptitude test (interview focused on applicant's personality and motivation).

Fees for studies in Czech language

Entrance examination

Object of the payment Amount
Bachelor´s study 850 CZK
Bachelor´s study - electronic application 650 CZK
Master´s study 550 CZK
Master´s study - electronic application 400 CZK

Fees for study programmes you can find here